reviews and comments ...

"Patrick and Patricia Padget have a rare and valuable talent for creating really interesting and complex art works in a very simple way."

LADY MARINA VAIZEY (Internationally renowned art critic and collector, former judge of The Turner Prize and Patron of Shakespeare's Treasure).


"An amazing level of skill and imagination has gone into the creation of these paintings."

BETTANY HUGHES (Broadcaster and journalist).


"As a reviewer of the Padgets' Globe Theatre Museum show, I enjoyed the chance to explore these intricate and playful water-colours in some detail. They are multi-layered and entertaining as well as beautifully executed.
It makes me intrigued to see anything else they might produce."

JEROME MONAHAN (Journalist for The Times & Guardian newspapers).


"A year ago, the Padgets' painting Shakespeare's Desert Island Discs was shown at a London gallery. Some people from Shakespeare's Globe saw it, liked it, and offered them an exhibition. The couple decided to create a different painting for each Shakespeare play and then, after a day at the National Gallery, hit upon the idea of using paintings in the national collection as inspiration. The paintings ... all contain something very beautiful."

MARK BROWN (The Guardian).


"Few exhibitions come more intriguing or more poignant or more mysterious than the current display of 37 watercolours by Patrick and Patricia Padget"

AROUND THE GLOBE (The magazine of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre).


"Wonderful! This is a good test for anyone with an interest in Elizabethan theatre, and the questions posed are not solely about the bard. There are a few concerning Marlowe for example, including one about the Baines Note. If your knowledge and library aren't sufficient to answer all the questions, Google can also be employed to assist you!"

MARLOWE SOCIETY WEBSITE (Review of Shakespeare's Treasure).