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We really believe in the power of creative ideas to change things for the better.

That is why after a lifetime working in the creative world with some of the most interesting people, we have chosen to use our creative skills to do good and help make a real difference.

So, if you need some help with your communications: developing your brand; creating a new web site; social networking; direct marketing – just getting your message out to the people you need to talk to and improving the world around you - please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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Some of the story of our life working with major clients on creative projects is told below.
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Some of the great organisations we have worked with ...

"Breaking the Sound Barrier" – a major integrated campaign for the RNID (now Action for Hearing Loss) ...

After the failure of several major UK advertising agencies to create any worthwhile concepts, I was asked by the Communications Director of RNID to create a substantial media campaign for the launch of a brand new service the charity had created for the public.

Essentially the public were to be invited to take a free telephone test to check their hearing. The campaign was launched on Radio 4's Today programme and you can listen to the feature here:

After this fantastic radio feature two incredible things happened. The telephone lines into the RNID's hotline were jammed solid for two days and there were 56,000 calls in to the BBC from people desperate to get more information.

Two great TV advertisements were produced and first screened during the commercial breaks on Coronation Street on Christmas Day:

As "Breaking the Sound Barrier" gained momentum we developed more aspects including a wonderful sound and light show which was first projected onto the London University Senate House and then went on to tour the UK. It featured the sounds and images of the 1960s and was aimed at the generation who grew up then and now would be beginning to lose their hearing. You can get a flavour of it here:

"Breaking the Sound Barrier" was one of the most successful health education campaigns in UK history with over a million people taking the hearing test and subsequent uptake of NHS hearing tests increasing by over 40% in the following year.

"The Electric Circus" – educational live theatre for the Electricity Industry ...

We created real live circus which simulated many of the functions of power generation as an educational roadshow for schools all over the UK.

It was launched at The Science Museum in South Kensington and went on to become a really big hit with young people all over the country.

Breathe On - helping to save a small, vitally important, charity ...

I created this short mobile viral film for the relaunch of the Breathe On charity at the Houses of Parliament.

Breathe On provides invaluable help and support for the parents and families of children who need medical support to enable them to live viable lives. A special presentation was given at the launch by Professor Stephen Hawking (who also needs breathing support) and the story was seen around the world by over 360 million people.

"Mum's the Word" - Health education campaign for the Department for Education ...

Over a period of 15 years, I worked on many communications projects with the Department for Education.

By far the most memorable was a campaign developed in Devon and Cornwall for the Learning & Skills Council.

Our brief was to motivate people with basic skills problems to take up classes in reading.

First we had to find out what were the factors that drove people who were already taking part in Basic Skills classes.

One day I walked into a classroom in Plymouth that was packed with young women and asked the question I had been asking other groups for weeks: "I have been asked to find out what motivates you to learn to read."

A young woman stood up and said "I can tell you the answer, everyone in this room has young children and every one of us desperately wants to be able to help them learn to read!"


A campaign called "Mum's the Word" was launched in Devon and Cornwall on Mother's Day. Tesco backed the campaign and every mum who signed was given a bunch of roses by the retailer. We worked through all the primary schools in the area and every child was given a simple leaflet to take home to their mother. Uptake of basic skills training among women with children of primary school age went up by over 42%!

"Knowledge is Power" – Nationwide musical for Cancer Research UK ...

We produced a brand new musical for young people about how to improve their lives by improving their lifestyles. The music was specially commissioned to fit in with teenagers' lives and aspirations. It was launched at The Shaw Theatre in London and went on to visit cities up and down the country. It was seen by over 200,000 teenagers and featured at the BBC "Tomorrow's World Live" show.

"I'd like to kill you with a kiss" - Launch film for The Global Action Fund for Fungal Infections (GAFFI) ...

Last year I worked on a number of projects for a global launch and communications programme of this major charity based in Geneva. Fungal infections are responsible for many millions of deaths throughout the world every year but little information on them is available. Often the drugs to treat these diseases are widely and cheaply available in the West but not to the vast numbers of people who need them in the Third World.

This film was made to launch the campaign in the UK parliament. It featured the voice of Katie Melua and was enthusiastically acclaimed by the launch audience.

Looking at the issue of fungal infections, I realised that there is one very special group that are particularly affected by fungal infections and this film was produced for a social media launch on April 1st 2014. It had many thousands of hits in the days following.

"Hands up for Habitat for Humanity" – a short brand proposal for one of the largest charities in the world ...

Last year I produced a new concept for Habitat for Humanity, one of the two largest charities in the USA with offices all over the world.

Although very well-known in the States, H4H is barely known in the UK.

This film delivers a concept which clearly reflects the story implicit in their brand. Andy Ivey, the Global Development Director of Habitat for Humanity said to me:

"This short film brilliantly reflects the soul of Habitat for Humanity. It has insight, vision and grabs the attention right off."

"Unhallowed Ground" – our graphic work features in a major new Horror film ...

Recently Patrick was commissioned by Neville Rachid of Aviary Films to produce a series of drawings for a new horror film called "Unhallowed Ground".

This commission was a joy and Patrick also spent a day being filmed drawing and writing with a quill pen as the spooky diarist whose imagination haunts the film. A lot of muddy make-up was carefully applied to his hand to make it look 17th century (unwashed).

The film was directed by Russell England, a great film-maker and close friend of Patrick and Patricia.

Please watch the trailer below.

The film for the launch of Goodwork Limited at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in 2006*...

From 2007 to 2009, after my son Nick's death, I launched a brand new business which was based upon some of the ideas he had conceived and championed.

It was called Goodwork and it's mission was to use the creative skills and talent of the business to help make a better world. Clearly there is something dysfunctional about the way Society behaves. How is it possible that many of the most important things in the world - poverty, sickness, disability, homelessness, environmental issues and ignorance - are left to voluntary organisations to deal with?

This film was made for the launch of the business. It still represents many of the principles that we work with today.

Good communications is critical to doing good work whatever it is.

If you need help with getting your message out there, please do contact us for a free consultation to find out what we can do to help your organisation improve its communications and marketing.

World-renowned charity leader Barry Coleman talks about our work* ...

Barry Coleman, founder/director of the wonderful international charity Riders for Health and perennial member of the World Economic Forum in Davos every year, spoke at the original Goodwork launch at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in 2007. This is Barry, one of Patrick's closest friends and a brilliant long-term partner in creative projects, talking about our work:

Some of the things we have learned about how to work successfully with people in the Creative Sector over the years ...

Clearly developing a really good working relationship with the organisations you work with is fundamentally import in today's complex world of marketing and communications.

Mostly this means getting to know the people you are dealing with and being able to interpret their wants and needs into a practical, affordable creative solution which does the job and delivers successful results.


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* The company I founded in 2006 has no relationship to any other company using the name Goodwork. It traded from October 2006 to November 2007 only. The company now trading as The Goodwork Organisation has my permission to use the trading name "Goodwork" currently and has kindly given me links to the Habitat for Humanity film and the two films shown on the GAFFI section.


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